Castella prepares a dream & # 39; Apothecary & # 39;

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Castella Indulge & Apothecary & # 39; in the bullfight of Cañaveralejo I JULIÁN VELASCOdotted line signature1

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He had thrown fertilizer on his repaid triple with the usual substitution of Ponce and this afternoon, on the ring, as it should be, Sebastián Castella He demonstrated why. And by the way, why is it one of the swords that has the most signs colombia. The French wizard curled from start to finish to & # 39;apothecary& # 39; Excellent bull off Ernesto Gutiérrezuntil he got his forgiveness. One ear went from the fifth to open The door to Christ's Lord. Luis Bolívar, ear on both, followed him in the air. Ferrera, with a number of fewer options, he heard palms in both.

Precious was removed by chicuelinas de Sebastián Castella first, a good starting bull. Then the job was startling. He started it with statuary and continued with beautiful series of passes with the right side full of quality and mettle. Native to beat of pasodoble and & # 39; showed even more the quality of their opponent. Passes all the marks, up, down, of the two pythons, madness in the lines that he signed with an orange handkerchief sticking out of the box to forgive this & # 39; Apothecary & # 39;, of 524 pounds, number 89. Gaulen received two ears symbolic.

In his second, the right-handed French was very engaged in a mission based on courage, knowledge and desire to win. And he got it after a great power. The request was unanimous ear, who gave the use and assured him that he had gone out on his shoulders the door of "The Lord of the Crystal".

A cut ear clip Luis Bolívar in the third, the one who fought beautifully with the cloak. His task, more tarnished, was based on delivery and technique, in series in round, which ended with deep passages of the chest. Despite the first puncture, the fans strongly asked the price of a ear, which was given.

Another added from the sixth. An oks of authentic category, perfectly bullied by cadenced verónicas. Luis Bolívar He was not inferior to the quality of the brave and courageous opponent in his mission started with fixed passes. He tied the slow muletazos around and with exquisite mood to prevent him on both sides. The music sounded and the symbiosis of bulls and bullfights vibrated the lines. Finally the bull ended up going out bolivar He decided to complete the whole and effective force. one ear by general request to follow Castella at the exit of the shoulders.

On a very hot afternoon in Cañaveralejo In this second last event of the fair, witnessed by an audience counting almost three-quarters of the entry, closing Ernesto Gutiérrez He had a very good presentation. Very noble, even though he lacked strength, he was the first to Antonio Ferrera, who achieved an artistic task based on very slow and rhythmic muletazos. Unfortunately, luck didn't follow the sword, which he had to use three times. Palmas.

With the fourth he got the same balance again. Ferrera He had to develop all his technique and bullfight before the complications of the opponent, who did not surrender at any time, so little aircraft took the job. Fortunately, he managed a great sword membership, with confusing effect, and recognition.

Hierro by Ernesto Gutiérrez - ColombiaCañaveralejo bullring, Cali (Colombia). Fifth celebration of Christ's Lord. Nearly three-quarters of entry. bulls Ernesto Gutiérrez, well presented and different games. They highlighted the other, by the name & # 39;apothecary& # 39 ;, No. 89, of 524 kilos, which was pardoned; and the sixth, brave and noble, with tremendous transfer.logo-Mundo Toro-chips-chronic
Antonio Ferrera, palm trees in both.
Sebastian Castella, two symbolic ears and ear.
Luis Bolívar, ear and ear

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