Cassie 'Still Loves' Diddy despite the heartbreaking split – Hollywood Life

adminOctober 28, 2018

Despite her fall, Cassie is still in love with Diddy! However, a source close to Cassie told HL EXCLUSIVELY that if he wants to retrieve it, he will be on "his terms"!

Cassie have a message for your ex Diddy: if you like it, you should put a ring as soon as possible. A source close to Cassie said Hollywoodlife EXCLUSIVELY that even though they are separated, she still feels something for him. "If Sean thinks he can just snap his fingers and Cassie will come running, he can think again," our source said. "Sure, Cassie still loves him, but he has done it so many times and made so many superficial promises that he will not just fall back into his arms the moment he asks for it." Will they be together again? Yes, probably, but Cassie is going to make him work at least a little bit, and make sure he's on his own terms … Cassie wants a baby, and she wants some kind of commitment from Sean, so it's better that Be prepared to put a ring on it or be better prepared to say goodbye to Cassie forever, because she has finished with her games. "

Earlier we reported that Diddy definitely sent Cassie a message that he wants her back. When going to Instagram, he posted a photo that showed he was listening to "The Lady in my Life" by Michael Jackson. On top of that, he subtitled the photo and wrote: "If someone sees @cassie this weekend, tell him to listen to this song 100 times! ❤️ LOVE".

Since their separation, Cassie has been having a bad time. "Cassie is definitely stingy, all her friends warned her that Sean was a player but would not listen," said a source close to Cassie. Hollywoodlife previously. "She fell in love with all her promises and can not help but feel moved." Cassie gave Sean more than eleven years of her life, and she believed him when he said he had changed and was ready to settle with her and finally get married, but clearly he was not. "

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