Carolina Sponsor again criticized: "Super botox" – Present highlights "butt", but attention turned to lips

adminJanuary 10, 2019

Carolina Patrocínio have already returned from vacation in Brazil. There were many pictures like the woman Gonçalo Uva Shared in Instagram related to the days spent with the family in South America.

In one of them, the presenter decided to mark her ass, which almost turned away from her back.

But some followers followed more attention to another detail and noticed the face of the young woman, especially on her lips.

More people have accused Carolina of getting to the botox for a lip enhancement. Which lips are these? Super botox, "" What did you do with your lips? "And" Dreadful Lips "are some of the comments that appear on the SIC's face.

See the picture in our gallery.

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Text: WIN Writing / Digital Content; Pictures: Reproduction Instagram

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