Carolina Patrocínio explains why her youngest daughter did not travel with her family

adminDecember 31, 2018


Carolina Patrocínio traveled to Brazil with his family, to enter 2019 in a tropical climate. In social networks she has added photos and videos where daughters appear Diana, four years and Frederica, two without giving any sign Carolina, in eight months. Asked by the fans, the hostess showed that the youngest member of the clan did not accompany the rest of the family on the trip and explains why.

"It's about asking baby Carol, we had everything ready for her to come on this trip, it wasn't about her age, I traveled with Diana and Frederica much less. sick, i went with her to the hospital, and despite having restored and had already passed the christmas well, we would not risk bringing her because if i had a relapse here in Brazil it would get worse, revealed, and further explained that the child was caring for the grandfather.

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