Carol G scandals network with intimate image

adminJanuary 8, 2019

It gives nothing to the imagination

The singer of urban genre Karol G and her boyfriend also decided the reggaeton artist Anuel AA to explicitly reveal what they are doing behind closed doors.

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The Intagram accounts of both artists upload intimate videos that have obviously generated scandal among his followers.

The clips and photos shared have reached more than 3 million likes and countless messages, some in support and others against.

Next, the messages to the followers:

__ lauraadanielaa: The little Karol and I appreciate it as any proud Colombian I felt about her, that she weighs as it devalues ​​and how it destroys her image.

hilehc: No matter what true love comes and is found in the most unexpected way … We must give other chances to humans as long as they are honest and want to change their lives to a better one.

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