Carol G has cosmetic operations? She answers

adminJanuary 10, 2019

The singer, Carol G, Who steals all the look of social networks with every photograph that publishes, has announced whether beauty is completely natural, or any aesthetic retouching has been done, among other things.

In an interview with FM, the artist was initially asked if she liked or dated older men, whom she replied that no, "They are usually my age."

Later, he talked about the operations that have been done, even though he did not provide much detail.

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He admitted that he has three operations for health reasons and an aesthetic, What? Breast implants

Also, he talked about his review through the competition X-factor, pointing out that it was the beginning of his great personal transformation; "I was super shy and I became more spontaneous."

He accepted that his most daring moments so far have been kissing at a concert.

Remember that a few weeks ago, paisa surprised her fans for a huge kiss on stage with her current partner Anuel AAwhile playing the song they have along with the title & # 39; culpable & # 39 ;.

Among other revelations, assured that it is better to dance meringue than to do twerking, confession that surely many of his fans would doubt.

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