Carmen Geiss: Shock! Here, Robert's wife shows her ugly face

adminJanuary 11, 2019

Instagram has become a good thing among celebrities. If you want to keep your fans happy, you can simply post regular snapshots and short videos on the photo and video network and get a look behind the scenes.

Carmen Geiss Cracks 450,000 Follower Brand on Instagram

In case of Carmen Geiss This usually means shared photos with the man or two daughters, snapshots of different celebrity parties or just facts from the family vacation. Shortly after Christmas, the TV millionaire has even cracked 450,000 followers, herself a sought after Christmas present, which she reveals in a short Instagram clip. "I love you for that, and I thank you for being so faithful to me."

Shock Photo! Carmen Geiss shows her ugly face on Instagram

But no one had expected the picture Carmen Geiss currently published. On Instagram, the 53-year-old showed her ugly side. And no, we're not talking about a non-makeup image here. In fact, the TV millionaire has posted a caricature by itself. It shows the mother of two as a dinosaur, to be exact, like the Tyrannosaurus.

Robert Geiss's wife becomes a wild Tyrannosaurus in a pink dress

Dino-Carmen has a white polka dot pink mini dress with matching high heels and a bow on her head, just as if she had been wearing Minnie Mau's wardrobe. With her short T-Rex arms, she pushes the color-coordinated vacuum cleaner in front of her and roars loudly into the world. "Robier! I wish 2019 again watt sea peace in the world." Which artist we owe this work, does not tell Carmen Geiss on Instagram unfortunately.

Carmen Geiss excited about Dino caricature

But Carmen is quite happy with the caricature, even though it shows her with an ugly spark. "How true, how true! If everything would be so simple! But I still want to do it! I think it's very funny drawn by the artist," writes the blonde to the photo. "What do you say?" She wants to know from her fans.

Not every fan likes Carmen Geiss' scary picture on Instagram

For them, it is still a mystery why the comic has just chosen this presentation. "But a caricature is actually a man / a situation exaggerated there. I see in the presentation no relationship with you. (From" Rooooooart "apart) A screaming little house with vacuum cleaner you are not, so I do not find the drawing very successful , "writes an instagram supporter in the comments.

Others see it less critical. "I think it's funny", "Very brilliant picture" and "Just a hammer drawing" are further comments.

What do you say about that? Successful or rather failed?

You can't see the Instagram image? Then click here!

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