Carlos Vives was sent on Twitter against those who did not feel "patriotic love"

adminJanuary 10, 2019

Samario did not hesitate to share with his 5 million social network supporters his opinion on Colombian political ideology, where he strongly emphasized "Lack of Colombian" by our residents.

Interpreter of & # 39; Bailar contigo & # 39; prepared a questionnaire aimed at those who are part of left, right and the new ones called by Fajardo, "the lukewarm".

"Are you one of those who dream that Colombia is like England, Russia, USA, Germany or Norway?" When you go on holiday, do you go shooting for where? "," Do you like Colombia to serve you or serve you? "You cry because Paul McCartney came to Colombia, but you don't give a shit about Juancho Polo's death?" Were any of the questions asked Vives in his Twitter account.

Sergio Fajardo

At the end of the throttle, Colombian concluded that there is no problem of political thinking, but of "Lack of national love, a problem of selfishness and sense of belonging".

Then the trills were released by Carlos Vives:

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