Carlos Vives presented his documentary film "Colombia en una canción" | entertainment

adminJanuary 11, 2019

& # 39; Colombia & una canción & # 39; is the title of the recent musical documentary that the Colombian singer premieres through his YouTube channel.

The short is divided into five chapters, each about three minutes, along with his guitarist, several Colombian groups visited as having a first guest group of carranga Veil of Oza in Boyaca. Accompanied by an agua panel You live and the team members told the importance of their musical genre, and emphasized that the end result will be "A brutal soundscape"

His trip continued to have another stop to visit Casanare to the singer Cholo Valderrama, considered one of the greatest exponents of llanera music in the country; Cholo He told the great importance the hat has in his life and assured that the secret of Joropo will be inspired by the men who live their daily lives between cattle and horses, and he assured that "Horse music is the plain of the plain."

The third stop off You live it was in Providence Island, where he visited Caribbean folk songs Elkin Robinson, the singer told the roots of his musical genres, and he assured his main mission is to make his music known in other countries. culture.

You live He assures that this project is a challenge in life, because he looks for it in the world that they can know the different diversity of cultures and off musical genres who is in the country; and also invites their followers to apply heritage that unites us by the simple fact of being Colombians.

The next stop was in San Basilio de Palenque, where he visited the group Combine Me, who told what RFP (Palenquero Folkloric Rap) consisting of merging traditional music palenquera with rap.

And as a last stop he visited La Guajira, who was his formal partner for many years Egidio Square who was also elected several times as vallenato konge, during the visit Egidio He remembered his first days together.

The urban music singer Cynthia Montaño He showed his happiness by being part of this project, and assured that it seems very important to him that the single that is not yet known has the main rolebelly of a Colombian woman.

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