Carlos Vives criticizes the Colombians for their lack of identity

adminJanuary 11, 2019

Carlos Vives used his social network to send multiple messages there asked Colombians for their "lack of Colombian"and regretted the country's shared product of the political class.

Through Twitter, Vives began his messages and said, "I'd like to share with you the humble opinion of a singer on the subject of left, right and lukewarm. For obvious reasons, I exclude the respective extremes of their aggravated violence in the almost 500 years of our history, he says.

The music asked their followers about their perspective on Colombia, regardless of your political ideology, either left, right or center.

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"For all three, left, right and lukewarm, I have the following questionnaire: Where do you have your dreams? Are you one of those who dream that Colombia is like England, Russia, USA, Germany or Norway? When you go on holiday, are you going to shoot for where? ", Explained the samarium.

He asked the citizens who, according to him, They feel superior, regardless of social inequality that exists in the country.

"Do you like Colombia to serve you or to serve you? Do you feel towards the Colombian people because you are a great intellectual and our people do not measure up? Do you dream of saving a lot of money without worrying about living in a country with so much inequality? »The vallenato music.

He referred to national contractors, inviting them to break the "circle of poverty" that exists in Colombia.

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"If you generate a job, is your employee's profit or welfare first?Do you support the education of their children to break poverty and inequality? Do you only manage Colombian singers and artists if they succeed abroad? "He asked.

He told the music fans, that Sometimes they prefer international artists instead of Colombians; but also to those who do not protect the environment and affect sustainable tourism.

"Are you screaming because Paul McCartney came to Colombia, but you don't give anything to Juancho Polo's death? Do you do anything for the pollution of our seas and rivers, or don't you care because our tourism is very poor? Do you meet all the rules when you are out of the country, but not here? "He said.

Vives asked if in Colombia there is still racism and criticized those who did not recognize the cultural value Indigenous peoples.

"Are you racist? Do you just like black singers when they sing in English? Are you one of those who do not know the great contribution of indigenous culture to our music? "He asked.

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For the music, The lack of identity for Colombian culture It has nothing to do with political ideology, it is rather the lack of self-love that exists in many regions of the country.

"I could expand this questionnaire, but I just want to tell you it's not a problem for the left, right or lukewarm. There is a problem with the lack of Colombianness, of national love. There is a problem with selfishness and sense of belonging. Thanks for your attention, he said.

At the end of his series of messages, Vives recommended his song & # 39;It promised the country& # 39;, & # 39; It says & # 39; that's why I always ask life, to take me to the promised land, that people are always well loved and if it takes me far back, come back. & # 39; "

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