Carlos Sánchez died, the iconic Juan Valdez

adminDecember 30, 2018

Everyone knows Juan Valdez, hat, mule and career character that promotes Colombian coffee abroad. This Thursday, Carlos Sánchez Jaramillo walked away, who personified it for 37 years. This was reported by Roberto Vélez Vallejo, general manager of the National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia.

"Carlos Sánchez left us all his life with pride with the character Juan Valdez around the world, a tribute to his memory and an everlasting gratitude from the coffee makers in Colombia for their devotion and hard work in favor of the Colombian producers," wrote in his Twitter account.

Sánchez played Juan Valdez from 1969 to 2006 when he gave up his work. During this time he was responsible for personalizing it where there was a position of the Federation of Coffee Growers in the world.

This Antioquia native of Fredonia, son of an employee of the Antioquia Railroad and a farmer of Coffee Axis, had a double life. When she was Sanchez, Alma Cataño's husband and Amia's grandfather, she produced screenshots in a small studio and painted landscapes in watercolor. But when he was Valdez, he had a glamorous life.

In the course of time, Valdez traveled to almost every country and had the opportunity to meet many international characters. In one of his tours, Sanchez had a conversation with Stefan Edberg, one of the five best tennis players in the world, to whom he requested an autograph. But at other times, there were celebrities who asked him, as he did in 2004 in Seville with Spanish Elena in Spain, who by seeing him said, "Will he not sign me? If I buy him all reap!"

Sanchez came to the big screen. He acted in the movie All Powerful, where Jim Carrey, playing God, asks for a cup of coffee served by Juan Valdez.

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