Carlos Sánchez died, playing Juan Valdez for 37 years

adminDecember 29, 2018

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Along with the Conchita Museum, he visited countries like Japan and the United States, and knew the best of Colombian coffee.

Carlos Sanchez, the man who for 37 years played the character Juan Valdez to make Colombian coffee known all over the world, died on Saturday in Medellin, 83 years old.

Sanchez, who would hit 84 next month in February, surrounded by loved ones, would have died after presenting the complications associated with a respiratory infection that had hit him.

Along with his mule Conchita, with a mustache, hat and career, the character of Juan Valdez of Sánchez played between 1969 and 2006, touring the USA, Japan and Europe, and presenting the best of Colombian coffee.

Through his Twitter account, the head of the National Federation of Coffee Growers, Roberto Vélez, expressed his gratitude to Sanchez for his "eternal coffee growers in Colombia for their devotion and hard work in favor of Colombian producers."

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