Carlos Costa remembers dramatic moment 2018: "Life on a Thread"

adminDecember 31, 2018

About completing the year, Carlos Costa decided to remember one of the most difficult moments that lived in 2018, and made unpublished revelations.

Carlos Costa went to Instagram to make a long speech and talk about a difficult time he lived this year, which he preferred to keep secret until now.

The singer said he was undergoing surgery, but did not indicate the health problem that affected him.

"Carlos Costa" is not built of tragic dramas and news, so it was little sense with this news so glamorous & # 39; I am now very grateful and because I will not be threatened with topics that are no secret. hospital.

The singer again pointed out the complicated moments he lived when he participated in the program "Your face is not strange to me"And thank you for the support he received:" I tell you that it would not be possible to go through certain trials while having a first class time program to be sent at the same time. Just being very loved. And I am very loved, very spoiled. It is good to close the year and thank those who were there when I needed them the most. Life with a thread, but the smile was there, thanks to them. Had to thank. The real ones know each other at this point. Not on social networks. "

Finally, Carlos Costa made a positive balance of the year now over. "2018 was a year of challenges, but it was a good year! It was great and I couldn't end up happier!" I'm so happy, thank you for smiling all the time.

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