Carlos Costa ends the year with surprising revelation – Secretly Operated Cantor: "Life on a Thread"

adminDecember 31, 2018

Carlos Costa ends the year 2018 with a revelation: the artist underwent a "simple operation", secretly. However, the cause of the operation was not revealed by it.

The singer appealed to Instagram to give the news, in a long text that followed a photograph where he appears to be in the hospital.

"It's gone and kept it secret. Not everything should be shared because it will only be worrying and counterproductive. Carlos Costa is not constructed of drama and tragic news, therefore it has not been sensible that this news so little" glamorous "begins with write.

"I'm sharing with a thank you and because I'm not going to be threatened with issues that are no secret at all. Easy operation. It's over. I'm fine, don't you see?"

"I'm just telling you it wouldn't be possible to go through some trials while having a top-of-the-range time program to be sent simultaneously. Just being very loved. And I'm very loved, very pampered," he reads.

Balance of 2018: "Life on a Thread"

In the text Carlos Costa also talks about the year ending now. "It's good to close the year and thank those who were there when I needed them most. Life with a thread, but the smile was there, thanks to them. Had to thank. The real know each other at this point. Not on social networks. Thanks. 2018 was a challenging year, but it was a great year! Great indeed! And I couldn't have been happier! I'm so happy! Thanks for always having this smile, "he says.

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