Carlos Castro: More information on the case – The new life and the new profession of Renato Seabra in prison

adminJanuary 8, 2019

It was January 7, 2012 that everything happened. Renato Seabra and Carlos Castro had crossed the Atlantic to have a vacation (romantic, it is assumed) in the city for the election of the former social chronicler, New York City.

There was just another trip, as so many had done, but this would be different and would end tragically. Renato Seabra was 21 when in the form of rage he killed Carlos Castro for incompatibilities that were difficult to overcome.

When investigating the crime, at the time of the events, the model was handed over to the authorities, announcing the crime's authorship. Since then, the boy, sentenced to at least 25 years in prison, has been in a high security unit in the United States.

Will never go [da prisão] before the age of 46, and we do not know if it will go »

The case was restored and commented, this Monday, 7, n & # 39;Cristina program, in a conversation led by Hernâni Carvalho. The specialist in criminal records reached the case and made unpublished revelations.

"It will never go until the age of 46, and we do not know if it will go," Hernani said, explaining to the spectator the strict penalty for the model being sentenced. "Until 2035, he must behave well in a prison that has 2336 prisons of the worst kind," the journalist continued.

Catch eight years ago, Renato Seabra receives only about three visits a year. The mother, Odilia Pereirinha, take every opportunity and fly to New York to be with the child.

"He went to the worst prison there is"

Due to the complexity of crime, Renato Seabra is in one of the great New York prisons. "It has to do with the type of crime that happened. It was the worst prison in the United States," Hernani said.

As for the long-awaited release of the model in 2035, Hernani is reluctant. "We do not know if it will. We had access to Renato Seabr's prison file, where he says he will initially leave in 2035. Until 2035 he must behave well", reinforces the journalist, specialist in cases of this kind.

Clothing and Help on Mass

Being in one of the most strict prisons in the world, Renato Seabra perceived a very serious reality. Hernâni does not refuse, but says for the first time that "[Renato] He works in the confectionery of the clothes in the prison and helps in the mass. "This is information that the journalist was able to capture from the prison that houses the model.

But even though it is still a long way to go until 2035, prospects are in place. Hernâni sets the scene to come. "From 2035, the first audience for the release will be made. But after the first hearing, he or she cannot be released. If he leaves prison, he is expelled from the country," he explains. "When expelled, in Portugal, there must be family support to help him recover. It must be a very deep job for this man to be people again. The primary is integrated into a society already characterized by crime. and acting as a school, when a primary comes out of jail, he comes with doctrines that he did not have, "concludes Vítor Marques, a commentator who will also be present, assiduously in Cristina's Program.

Text: Tânia Cabral; Images: Impala archive

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