Care Bares Reboot Hope to unlock the magic of the first trailer

adminJanuary 8, 2019

The Care Bears get up to all sorts of mischiefs.
Photo: Boomerang

It has been a hot second since someone last heard about Care Bears, but the magic squad with plush heroes makes their way back to television in a whole new animated series, Unlock Magicand the first trailer is here.

IN Care Bears: Unlock Magic, the original Bears team puts on a journey beyond the boundaries of Care-a-lot to meet and protect beings called Whiffles who are responsible for planting seeds of care that grow into the trees that fill the land with hope and joy. At each turn, however, the Bears are forced to face the bad crowd, and their leader Bluster, a race of evil creatures fighting to keep things depressed and grimy. In other words, this is exactly what you expect from one care Bears reboot.

Care Bears: Unlock Magic starting to stream at Boomerang on February 4th.

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