Cardi B springs on & # 39; Juicy Legs & # 39; of Kulture Kiari in a cute clip

adminOctober 20, 2018

Cardi B can not forget how adorable her daughter is!

The 26-year-old rapper shared an absolutely adorable Instagram video story starring his 3-month-old daughter Kulture Kiari on Saturday, and Cardi had nothing but loving words to say about her daughter's "juicy legs"

"Really, where did you get these juicy legs, huh?" Cardi asked her daughter sweetly as the girl moved her legs while she seemed to rest on her mother's chest.

"Where do those juicy legs come from? They are so juicy, "he added before leaning down to give a quick kiss to the toes of his daughter's feet.

"Chunka," he wrote along with the video, which also showed his daughter's adorable pink and white jumpsuit and white ruffled socks.

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While motherhood clearly agrees with Cardi, the new mother has not shied away from addressing some of the most unpleasant aspects of giving birth.

During a recent appearance in Jimmy Kimmel live, Cardi said that Kulture "broke my vagina".

"Why does not anyone tell you these things? "No one told me they were going to sew my vagina," Cardi lamented. "People just say:" Oh, you know, when you're born, it's going to hurt you. "But nobody tells you [that]. "

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During the interview, Cardi also revealed that she is "still not mentally ready" to go out in public with her daughter.

"There are certain things I want to do with my daughter." I want to go to the beach with my baby, I want to take a walk in the street with my baby, "he continued," and I can not because I do not know who is next to me and who has certain intentions. I do not want to show my baby to the public at this time. I just want to protect it.

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