Cardi B releases Nicki Minaj in an Instagram speech full of explosions

adminOctober 30, 2018

"Rah held her head and hit her like eight, nine times, and I could hear her, I'm talking about the strongest blow you've ever heard in your life."

Cardi B before the physical altercation with Nicki Minaj in September.

Cardi B before the physical altercation with Nicki Minaj in September. Credit:AP

Minaj's new version of events unleashed a long and explosive defense of Cardi B, who posted 11 videos on her Instagram account in which she spoke to the camera and denied that she was beaten by Ali.

He also accused Minaj of going from being "the victim" to "the gangster" in his different versions of the story.

"Why would I be sitting here in line saying, 'I did this, did I do that, knowing that the next day there would be so many images of the same night?' Cardi said.

"How [can] You say I was the wild animal? What have I attacked you? That you were mortified, that they humiliated you, playing the victim … but now you are The gangster?

"You lie so much that you can not even keep up with your lies, first you say you have the pictures, but then you say you want to pay someone $ 100,000 if they give you the pictures, it makes sense when you're talking."

Cardi also threatened to sue Minaj for defamation after Minaj allegedly hinted at an Instagram post that she could take legal action herself.

Minaj has previously said that Cardi uses payola, an illegal practice in which radio stations are paid quietly to give more time to air certain songs, to push their songs higher up the charts.

Nicki Minaj at New York Fashion Week.

Nicki Minaj at New York Fashion Week. Credit:AP

Cardi said: "Maybe I should sue you for character defamation, since you mean I'm using something illegal called payola because you do not understand why I'm so successful."

In the video series, Cardi tackled a series of other problems simmering between the pair,

He also states that several projects in which Minaj is currently involved, including a fashion collection of Diesel capsules and his new song with Little Mix, Woman like me – He came to her first.

Cardi B, with a blow to the forehead, leaves the party of the New York Fashion Week after the altercation.

Cardi B, with a blow to the forehead, leaves the party of the New York Fashion Week after the altercation. Credit:AP

It did not take long for Minaj to respond to the Cardi videos, and take Twitter to retaliate and call Cardi a "fraud."

"The only rapper in the history of rap who can only talk about offers and songs that he has supposedly rejected because he can not speak of a verse he has written," Minaj wrote. "Fkn fraud".

She also offered to pay Cardi to perform a lie screening on all the claims that were flying around, and invited her to her radio show so that the couple could discuss it in person.

In Queen Radio Yesterday, Minaj said she was tired of talking about enmity, sometimes going directly to Cardi.

"I'm perfectly fine with not mentioning this again if you never mention it again," Minaj said.


Later, he added: "I think we can agree not to agree on some things, I do not see you as my enemy, let's move on."

Cardi responded by saying that if Minaj really wanted the fight to end, she could go to her in private.

"You say you're tired of talking about that, I'm also tired of talking about that," he said. "I'm tired of all the shit on the Internet, I'm tired of the interview, if you really want to talk about it, you know where to connect, you know how to get there," Cardi wrote.

Genevieve Rota is the digital entertainment editor of PM at Fairfax Media.

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