Cardi B insinuated that she wants to have another baby, so it seems that Kulture could be a big sister in the future

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Cardi B may have welcomed his daughter, Kulture, three months ago, but the rapper "Bodak Yellow" may already have a baby's fever. On Twitter recently, Cardi B insinuated that he wants another baby., and although it is not clear if she really intends to do so (and I do not think any new mom blames her for wanting to wait), it seems pretty safe to assume that her little daughter could be an older sister at some point.

Although she has kept her daughter out of the public eye since her birth, Cardi has definitely been open with her fans about the impact that motherhood has had on her life and how much she loves being Kulture's mother. And although she has also admitted that, somehow, it has been much more difficult than she expected, on the one hand, the rapper canceled the plans to make a tour with Bruno Mars once she gave birth and realized that I would not be physically or emotionally ready to go to the track. way – does not seem to have affected what seems to be his desire to have a large family with her husband, Offset, who is already the father of two sons and a daughter of previous relationships, according to People.

In her tweet, she wrote, "Would you make me angry if I get pregnant? Again? "And although his followers had all kinds of opinions, some could not help but wonder if she would already be waiting.

The tweet received more than 9,000 comments, from those who could not wait to see Cardi wake up another child, those who wanted her to decorate the world with new music and tour dates, and then those who felt like the state . Cardi B's uterus was not anyone else's business.

But then, of course, there were those who thought that the tweet could actually be Cardi's way of preparing his fans for an imminent announcement of pregnancy:

If she * is * pregnant, or at least is seriously thinking about having another, she has not confirmed it, but it seems she has already learned that she does not have to worry too much about the impact another pregnancy could have on her career. . In a recent interview with W MagazineCardi said that when she announced her pregnancy with Kulture, those around her seemed certain that she would end her musical success. She explained:

When I got pregnant, I was going crazy. Everybody around me said, "No, this never happened before, all the artists who had a baby have already spent years in the game, this is your first year, you're going to ruin it, how are you going to do it?" Do it? "While I was pregnant, I repeated to myself:" I can not wait until I get back. I'm going to look sexy, and I'll be that bitch. "

However, his predictions were definitely wrong: on Tuesday Forbes reported that Cardi B has become the hip-hop female music with the most weeks on the Billboard charts, thanks to her collaboration on Maroon 5, "Girls Like You", and it is far from being her only great achievement . When "Bodak Yellow" reached number one in 2017, it became the first solo rap single to top the charts in nearly two decades, according to Stereogum, and in November of that year, she also became the first woman to have his first three lists The entries form the top 10 simultaneously, according to Billboard.

Yes that although they were not enough? In April 2018, he set a record for most of the songs they compiled once in a woman on the Billboard Hot 100, a record that was once other than Beyoncé.

The continued success of Cardi B is the reason why, when he recently took home the award for the Rap / Hip-Hop Favorite Artist at the American Music Awards 2018, his daughter was the one who really wanted to thank more than anyone else. In her acceptance speech, she said:

I really want to thank my daughter. And not only because she's my daughter, but when I was pregnant, I felt so influenced to say, "I have to do this, I have to show people that it's wrong, I have to prove that people are wrong." They said he would not make it after having a baby.

In other words, Cardi B definitely does not have time for detractors, especially when it comes to motherhood. And even though he has invited to comment on the subject raising a question about having another baby, something tells me that when Really It all comes down to deciding on baby number two, the only opinions that will really matter will be hers and those of her husband.


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