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adminOctober 31, 2018

Cardi B is glad she decided to express her opinions and call Nicki Minaj on several Instagram videos on October 29 despite the drama she caused among Nicki fans.

Cardi b, 26, is not afraid to be herself and that is why she does not regret having published several Instagram videos in which she talked about her fight with Nicki Minaj, 35, on October 29. The rapper hit Nicki in the headline videos when she tried to call her on several accusations and, although she received a great reaction from Nicki fans, she is glad she did what she did. "Cardi is exactly who she is on social networks, "said a source close to Cardi EXCLUSIVELY Hollywoodlife. "What you see is what you get with it." She has absolutely no regret for having posted all the videos she did yesterday and would do it again if she had to. Cardi He could not care less what Nicki thinks of his comments and comments, too. She is the most real person you will ever meet. "He could not care less what someone thinks or feels and will always call him as if he saw and was herself."

Despite the initial drama of the Cardi videos, the fight between Cardi and Nicki seemed to weaken when Nicki went on social media to post a message of positivity. "Ok, guys, let's focus on positive things just from now on," his message said. "We're all so blessed, I know this is fun and fun for a lot of people, but I will not talk about this nonsense again, thanks for the support and encouragement year after year, I love you. ♥ ️" Cardi was quick to respond with her own positive answer. "@Nickiminaj well then! Let's keep it positive and keep pushing!" Wrote Cardi.

Cardi and Nicki's enmity have been receiving a lot of attention not only from their fans, but also from other celebrities. Wendy williams, 54, was one of the celebrities who addressed his break in his program. "These are adult women with millions at their fingertips," Wendy told her studio audience on October 30. "There's a lot for both of them." They both agreed not to discuss this further and keep it positive, so we'll see how long this is. I wish they would keep it positive, because there is enough money for everyone. I could hear Cardi talking all day!

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