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adminNovember 13, 2018


Music reality TV with a hip-hop angle does not have a long history, and basically there are only two moments in the genre that really matter: that time Diddy made the contestants participate in Making the band I walked to get him cheesecake, and the other time he made a whole new group of adult men sing for their fun. From there, the fall is pronounced, considering that the closest competition came from The white rapper's show Y The road to stardom with Missy Elliott. Netflix, however, hopes to add to the canon decidedly less than illustrious.

The streaming service announced its first series of musical competitions that will be Rhythm + Flow, which should not be confused with the 2005 Hustle and flow, A film that also deals with rap and competition in its own way. Amateur rappers will compete for attention: Netflix did not include the wealth / fame / recording contracts that will win the competition, in front of a panel of established judges. Cardi B, Chance The Rapper and T.I. They will star as the main judges of the show, and they will be joined by the rappers of each city that the show travels, along with other artists and industry types.

Auditions for the show begin this fall and will take place throughout the United States. Rhythm + Flow It opens with episodes of ten hours in 2019.


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