Cardi B becomes nuclear in Nicki Minaj, says he will hit her and should sue

adminOctober 30, 2018


Cardi b

It breaks in Nicki

I'm going to kick your ass and Sue

10/29/2018 5:24 PM PDT

Cardi b Y Nicki Minaj they are in the other's throat again … with Cardi threatening to hit Nicki and pursue legal action.

Cardi felt hot on Monday as she attacked Nicki during a rant full of social media bursts, challenging her rival to a fight after Nicki went to her Radio Queen show and told more details about her infamous NYFW fight.

CB called Nicki a snitch for claiming Rah Ali It hit Cardi during the fight last month … adding that she's tired of coming and going, so they should solve it with her fists.

We broke the story … Cardi attacked Nicki last month at a party in NYFW, throwing a shoe at his rival and disappearing before leaving with a huge knot over his eye, which Nicki now claims to have come from Rah.

Nicki is offering $ 100k to anyone who is willing to shoot footage of the altercation, and said she is willing to take CB to court … but Cardi is shooting and saying she should sue Nicki for defamation.

Prepare your popcorn, the fight is over.


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