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"A surprise … will it?"

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of Raphael Martins → Since it began its dissemination, with trailers, pictures and interviews of the actors and production team, Captain Marvel carried a mystery: the true identity of the character of Jude Law. He's in the movie as part of StarForce and seems to have not just a leadership in the group, however a close relationship with heroin Carol Danvers (Brie Larson).

But it seems like the mystery finally resolvedand who made revelation was himself Marvel Studios / Disney, maybe even inadvertently. The official website of the movie just confirmed the Jude Law will actually Mar-Vell, the original captain Marvel, who will now officially win her movie version MCU.

The website, which cannot be reached from Brasil, shows a picture of the two characters together, where the caption below says: "Jude Law as Mar-Vell, Starforce Leader". In contrast to some theories of fans who said the character of the actor would actually be the villain Yon-Rogg, we finally got it confirmation of its true identity.

For those who do not know the character, Mar-Vell, or Captain Marvel, is a member of Kree, a race with pride "Heroes warriors"how Carol Danvers say no caravan of the movie. In comics, it Captain Marvel receives its powers Mar-Vell, under the guidance of Dr. Walter Lawson. Carol is almost killed by an artifact Kreebut Mar-Vell intervenes and saves her. The explosion, but with what Carol and Mar-Vell merge, creating a hybrid human-kree and do it Ms.Marvel. In addition, in the film, the origin of its powers must be different, but still somewhat related to Mar-Vell.

You give the picture where The identity of the hero is revealed in our gallery below:

Captain Marvel debut in theater day March 8, 2019.

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