Capricorn – Thursday, December 27, 2018: You will have many reasons to feel happy

adminDecember 27, 2018

Astrological News: This Thursday the moon is in the virgin and a semisextile emerges between planets Jupiter and Saturn. The vibration today is five and the only retrograde planet is Uranus, in Aries. Your ruler, the planet Saturn, is directly in your character.

The planet transit of this Thursday is inspiring in your sentimental life. The current energy gives a tone of job stability that is important for this time of peace of mind. Don't worry because the vibrations of your character are favored in your work.

The current period is fertile and promises many gains. There is money in the environment if you move within the art field, or your work has to do with theatrical expression, the press, radio and communication in general.

The signs will satisfy your New Year's resolutions more easily


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Before committing a romantic relationship to someone and starting a formal relationship, ask yourself how far you intend to get into this romance, and if it is very important for you to focus now on just one person.


Address the neck and neck that now, next to the forehead, are the most sensitive points in your character during this Capricorn's birthday cycle. If you suffer from thyroid and lymphatic gland problems, you should follow exactly what is stated.

I work

If your problem is to look for a job and you haven't accomplished it, acquire this Thursday to explore the Internet, call, look at classified ads in the press, and see how you have something specific in your hands at the end of the day.

Incense to start well in 2019


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Money and fortune

Before you get the money from an investment, you must face an unpleasant decision, but you will overcome it with your will and charisma. Don't be impressed by cursing people and you will reach your goals.

Astral biorhythm today

Sexual Energy Level This Thursday: High.
Cosmic dynamics that you should benefit from: An idea or suggestion that comes to you through some highly experienced.
Today's dangerous trend on your Capricorn: near the new ideas that now come up in your mind.
What should I avoid ?: The tendency to stagnation, mental stiffness.

Prediction of couples for today Thursday

The best relationship today: this Thursday's thing will go very well with water signs, especially cancer that is the opposite, as well as with Taurus and Virgo.
The most tense relationship tends to be with Leo.
Your current compatibility: with water and soil is excellent but with very problematic fire, especially with the sign Leo.
If you are single or single: You start a very moving stage in your inner world, and your social life is generally accentuated in this birthday cycle that you now live, Capricorn.

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