Candidate Zoff already before the start!

adminJanuary 7, 2019

In a few days, the celebrities will stay in the jungle. For some doubt it will surely come. He has already broken out with two candidates.

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Bastian Yotta and Chris Töpperwien are not different. After all, they both moved to the United States and succeeded there. In the past, they apparently also had a connection, they were once friends. But friendship can no longer be talked about today.

"He started Zoff"

"Yes, Zoff with Currywurstmann, that is. Let's see if the little sausage has endurance," he says in a story on Instagram and attacks directly with his Mitcamper Chris. Whatever he explains, "It's going to be exciting, he started Zoff, I'm a peaceful person."

Chris himself does not want to know about a Zoff, as he explains on Instagram. Yet he puts down a small thesis: "And again" pee "has its meaning – it's the name Sebastian Gillmeier for me from today – who, yes, the one who calls himself Yotta."

"I pull through"

Rumble in the jungle is already pre-programmed. Or will Bastian Yotta just completely separate from all other candidates and also get out of the way? "I pull through and it will definitely be a good experience," he says.

But in a later story, Yotta answers a fan-question: "I am most excited about people getting to know me as people, and many have prejudices on what they see in pictures or reading in the press." It's still exciting how the human Yotta actually comes across. Perhaps there is a happy ending between Bastian and Chris, and they both smoke the proverbial peace tube around the campfire in the Australian bush.

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