Call Cem Yılmaz from ODTÜ Cinema Group: We open our amplifiers to you

adminDecember 31, 2018

Comedian Cem Yılmaz MARS Group Corporate Affairs Director Aslı Irmak Acar used the word Director If Cem Yılmaz is not present, another Cem Yılmazlar responded to social media.
"I show my movie in 10 pounds of corn brothers free again saying" Cem Yilmaz uses the phrase, movie tickets in Turkey have offered to make 15 pounds, he said.

On this occasion, METU Cinema Group has issued an open conversation to Cem Yılmaz via the Facebook page. Ten While the struggle for independent movies and halls is ignored to stand on our feet, we do not know how this problem can be dealt with as a popular "battle".

U As the METU Cinema Group, we would like to give you the opportunity to open our amphitheater as an alternative to the halls that monopolize you and to show / show the movie with the students here.

The following statements were given in the call to Cem Yılmaz:

"Mars has 884 movie theaters in Turkey, Group and major companies making progress in a quarrel over campaign prices over the past few years. If the deal is not given, Necati Akpınar and Yilmaz Erdogan BKM, Sahan Gokbakar's laundry film, Cem Yilmazs Idea art, such as the construction industry, is not being advertised. It has been mentioned for years the monopoly process that has accelerated the cinema sector in recent years, although the struggles of independent films and halls are not ignored, we do not know how much this populist mime struggle can be handled today In fact, timely Off Booth: METU monopolization of the topics in the documentary distribution in Turkey was at all times the difference Cinema Club.
Mars Group, "We Remove New Cem Yilmaz" refers to words from "I suggest making cinema tickets 15 pounds in Turkey" and we have movies call Yilmaz Cem vows current vision. As METU Cinema Group, we want to open the amphitheater as an alternative to the monopolized halls and give you the opportunity to show / chat with your students here. Are you there? Our

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