Călin Goia, a model dad: "I have not lost any children celebration"

adminDecember 31, 2018

Călin Goia (43), Voltaj's soloist, is brilliantly divided between the stage and the family. The artist is the father of three children. He has two boys and a little girl with whom he is body and soul.

"I didn't want to lose any of your childhood now." I don't want to wake up that I missed moments, and I find them right for adults, I wake up at 7 am, I get them shocked, and that's why I sleep earlier. my children, "the singer confessed Sunday December 30 to the show" in front of you "presented by Claudiu Pândaru and Florin Negruţiu on Digi 24.

Calin Goia has a beautiful family

Voltaire's 20-year-old soloist Călin Goia has built a harmonious family life in parallel with the stage. The artist has two boys, Peter, 11 and a half, and Tudor, 10, and two years ago the wife also gave her a little girl. Călin Goia is a couple with Andreea for 12 years.

The leader of Voltaj has admitted that he has countless gratifications as parents, but that his worries and responsibilities overwhelm him many times. "My parents have changed my priorities. I'm not afraid of many things, but the kids are scary. It's extremely enjoyable and it's the greatest satisfaction to see them grow and evolve and begin to say all kinds of answers. is a joy You must be the parent to feel this thing, says the artist for Click!

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