Cake of 5 levels and in abundance of casamigos: 6 general data on the wedding of the princess Eugenia and Jack Brooksbank

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Real weddings do not disappoint.

Since Prince William Y Kate MiddletonThe classic wedding at Westminster Abbey for Prince Harry Y Meghan MarkleThe beautiful nuptials in the San Geroge Chapel at Windsor Castle, is clear enough that members of British royalty know how to organize a wedding party. Princess eugenie Y Jack BrooksbankThe wedding of October 12 was no exception.

The princess and the ambassador of Casamigos exchanged vows in the chapel of St. George in front of several friends and members of the royal family, among them Queen Elizabeth II, the Duke and the Duchess of Cambridge (Prince William and Kate), the Duke and the Duchess of Sussex (Prince Harry and Meghan), Prince Felipe and more. Royal Companions Prince George Y Princess Charlotte He played great roles at the wedding, too.

The princess Eugenia wore a wedding dress designed by Peter pilotto Y Christopher De Vos, He had a lower back that showed his scoliosis scar from his surgery when he was 12 years old. "I think you can change the way beauty is, and you can show people your scars and I think it's really special to defend that." princess said ITV News.

The royal wedding was a day full of royal protocol and beautiful festivities. Below are some of the craziest facts about the royal wedding of Princess Eugenia and Jack Brooksbank.

1. Let them eat cake: The magnificent wedding cake of Princess Eugenia and Jack Brooksbank consisted of five levels with two different flavors. According to reports, three of them were red velvet, while the other two were chocolate sponges. Royals chose cake designer based in London Sophie Cabot to do the honors of creating the great dessert, which required 400 eggs, more than 50 packs of butter, 44 pounds of sugar and 33 pounds of flour. The cake, after all, will feed 850 people. Cabot said: "I am incredibly excited to have this wonderful opportunity to create such a special and unique cake, it has been lovely to work with Princess Eugenia and Jack, and I really hope you enjoy the cake that day."

The cake had an "autumnal theme" given the wedding season. "They wanted to keep it seasonal," Cabot explained. In addition to all the ingredients. in The cake, the exterior decorations required hours of rigorous sugar work. Some of the decorations on the cake included sugar, acorns, flowers, maple leaves and ivy.

2. A real farewell: Princess Eugenie and her husband left the wedding in style, real style. The two jumped on an Aston Martin DB10, which apparently was made specifically for another British celebrity: James Bond. It was one of eight cars designed for the James Bond movie 2015, Spectrum.

3. Love is the word: In the afternoon reception of the newlyweds, the father of the princess Eugenia, Prince Andrew He did something completely unprecedented. While giving an emotional speech that made many people cry, he said: "I'm going to do something I've never done before," and embraced Brooksbank. Aww!

Princess Eugenie of York, Jack Brooksbank, Royal Wedding, seized until 2:30 PST

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4. Appetizers in the appetizers: Of course, there was more than one reception after the royal wedding. After the afternoon meeting, the guests went to the Windsor Great Park Royal Lodge for the evening party. The reception was carnival-themed and, reportedly, even had a trip in a car. During the night, attendees ate gourmet pizza from a food truck and enjoyed a large number of tequila-based beverages, such as shots and margaritas, thanks to the Brooksbank company, Casamigos.

According to HELLO!, the festivities continued until Saturday. The publication shared photos of another Carnival-style event that had a carousel and different games to play in the field.

5. Beaten star: One of the biggest surprise moments of the night was when the British singer Robbie Williams "He jumped on stage" and began to sing. Williams and Ayda fieldthe daughter of Teddy bear She was one of the bridesmaids at the wedding. Other names on the list A at the wedding included Cara Delevigne, Demi Moore, Naomi cambell, Kate Moss and more.

6. The price of love: The wedding tokens are added, especially if it is a royal wedding. Compared to the respective weddings of Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton, Princess Eugenie's nuptials included a heavy bill. The cost of security for Friday's wedding is insignificant compared to the big day of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. It was estimated that Princess Eugenie's safety cost around £ 2 million (just over $ 2.6 million), while the security of the royal May wedding cost £ 30 million (approximately $ 40 million).

In September, a petition began that required the royal family to pay for the wedding, not the taxpayers. The royal family paid for the dress, flowers and transportation.

Congratulations again to the real honeymooners!

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