«Cairo film» surpasses the barrier "Egyptian absence" with 5 films "independent" competes at the festival

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Cairo Film Festival managed to avoid the death in its 39th season due to the absence of its international competition from a film representing Egypt's participation for the first time in 38 years. , Directed by Ahmed Abdullah Saleh in the competition "Arab Cinema Horizons" and "No One Is There" by Ahmed Magdy in the "Critics Week" contest, in addition to the film "The Crime of Imobilia" by Khaled Al-Hagar in the "Outside Competition" section Official "films, except those works that take part in the" Cinema of Tomorrow "competition, all of which were produced outside the usual market standards, to save the independent cinema Cairo Film Festival this year.

"Save": "Out of night" participated after you canceled "Dubai". We do not require the presentation of movies that win the Premier Forum

Producer Mohamed Hafsa, the president of the festival, said that one of the reasons for the number of Egyptian films in the various contests was the cancellation of the next edition of the Dubai Film Festival. "Ahmed Abdullah Al-Sayed is an external director supported by the Dubai Festival." The presence of this type of work does not necessarily mean an improvement in the production crisis, because the involved films are independent productions and are made by its directors, "he said.

As for the participation of films supported by Cairo Film Days in the coming sessions, Al-Watani said: "We want the Cairo Festival to go beyond its previous role in presenting films as a partner in its industry, but we do not require movies to be displayed "We give filmmakers the freedom to present them at festivals as they wish, not to reduce the number of movies developed for the forum," he said, and noted that the Dubai Festival does it because it supports movies up to 30 percent of the total . The film's budget while the Cairo Film Awards are from 10 to 20,000 T.

"Ali": I keep the absence of publicity .. The state raised its hand on the support of movies .. And distribution companies rely on the star

"The festival is not a film production and we look forward to good films every year," said Youssef Sherif Rizkallah, Artistic Director of the Festival. Egypt in the competition, and the size and participation vary from year to year according to the year's production card ».

«Khairallah»: a positive profile. Film and self-interest gave good artistic visions

While director Magdy Ahmed saw that the participation of 5 Egyptian films "Independent Production" in today's session is an encouragement from the administration, given that it is useful in view of the continuing crisis in cinema and the suffering of all levels of industrial problems, adding : "The state has completely increased its hand to support the industry Format and distribution firm so far dependent on the star style, which is expensive and increases the film's budget in a manner that internal distribution can not cover in view of the collapse of the external distribution numbers, and buying channels, and thus it's only a reduction of movie budgets.

"The reduction of film budgets requires the elimination of the prevailing production pattern, especially the star games. Therefore, the independent low-cost films, often dependent on external funding, or victims of workers in the film in large part of their pay, in addition to getting other parts promotion of the film ».

«Rizk Allah»: Local participation «Randomness». We are not a production

He said that the presence of "Cairo Film Days" year after year influenced the industry positively. "My only reservation at the forum this year is that there is no broad publicity to receive the biggest number of movies, but of course it will have a role. At least, young filmmakers will benefit from it instead. worldwide, and the state should directly engage in supporting movies, independent or commercial, which represents a creative face.

Criticist Magda Khairallah told Al-Watan: "What happened was a positive picture. The filmmakers try to find a way out of the production crisis. The companies on stage have decided a certain type of movie, both action and comedy, with a big budget, On the On the other hand, there are directors who are fighting for another cinema industry, working on their own-initiative films to provide technical visions far from the market specifications, and this contributed to the production of a large number of films including (hard-green) to Mohammad Hammad, And "Day of Day" by Abu Bakr Shawqi.

Film «Kilo 64»

Movie «Night Outside»

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