Cairo Film Festival Highlights

adminNovember 30, 2018

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Egyptian and Arab stars watched the final ceremony of the Cairo Film Festival in its 40th session, and some of the performers appeared with dramatic scenes on the red carpet that raised controversy over "Social Media".

Most of the pioneers in social networks found that the most daring actress was Rania Youssef, who appeared in a long black dress with bare shoulders, legs and a patterned cloth.

End ceremony of the Cairo Film Festival

Yasmine, the leader of the controversy, raised her dress, which was also very bold. Her "one shoulder" dress contained an opening from the knee joint to the end of the dress.

The artist seemed to meet Al-Khamisi with an open-black black dress that was gathered between the velvet cloth on the chest and shoulders, and the number from the bottom.

End ceremony of the Cairo Film Festival

And the artist Sama El Masry appeared with a dress of braided Nabatean.

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