Cabral wife, an emotional image with the little girl. Which names they chose for the little one

adminDecember 31, 2018

Cabral Ibacka became father for the second time, again for a girl. He became father for the first time 16 years ago when he came to Inoke.

Andreea Ibacka and Cabral chose the daughter's name

After several discussions, the two parents came to a common denominator for their newborn daughter's name. Inoke, Cabral's great daughter, helped a lot in this direction when she suggested that her sister's name be Namiko Ibacka. The two spouses were impressed with the idea and decided that this was the best option.

"After hundreds of first-time sketches, all the originals and resonances are outlined. All" inappropriate ". (…) But the moons have passed and leave our search at the same time. a few of my favorites (not safe) and some of my dad's preferences. (…) So, we decided on the name only after we were born, although the proposal had come for a while from Inoke, the elder That said, the American NAMIKO IBACKA has been in the house since this month, "Andreea Ibacka wrote on her personal blog.

Andreea Ibacka, picture with Namiko on the chest

Namiko in Japan means "the baby of the wave". Two of them wanted their child very much, and Andreea Iback and her husband are the happiest parents.

"Namiko," the baby of the wave, a Japanese name. Our beloved child who by chance loved water from the first touch. A rare name in our area that can surprise you at first instance. That is before he conquers you as she did with us, "she wrote.

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