Cabral and Andreea Ibacka have recorded the name of their little girl: It's not done

adminDecember 30, 2018

Andreea and Cabral Ibaka published the name of their little girl, who was born a short time ago.

They kept the name of the child in secret, but eventually they revealed it. First they beat Petunia, but now they have chosen the name that will remain their life.

It was expected that he would try to find a more exotic name, but their choice exceeded all expectations.

Andreea and Cabral chose a name of Japanese origin, meaning "waves of children".

& # 39; & # 39; NAMIKO IBACKA is in the house since this month. Namiko, the "baby of the wave", a Japanese name. Our beloved child who accidentally loved water from the first touch. A rare name in our area that can surprise you at first instance. That's before he conquers you, as he did to us, "Andreea Ibacka wrote on his personal blog.

To determine the name, the two were helped by Cabral's great daughter, from another marriage.

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