Cabral, an emotional image with her little girl

adminDecember 26, 2018

At the beginning of December, Cabral and Andreea Ibacka became parents of a beautiful girl. Their lives have changed completely, and the two always share their little ones. The TV presenter sent an emotional picture to the social account, with whom he wrote a message.

We began to show the world. Step by step … "Cabral wrote on his social account. Andreea Ibacka gave birth to a perfectly healthy little girl with caesarean section. Although she really wanted to give birth naturally, the doctor decided not to, because it would be risky. said that the wife would have wanted to give birth naturally, but because of the complications it was not possible.

"Andreea wanted a very natural birth, and finally she couldn't. Too many complications. Plus, Andreea is a little girl, she's a kid, and her baby has 3.6 pounds. The doctor said. Andreea is okay, is not in the most spectacular period when it comes to physical fitness, but she is better than ever, and she is happy, "Cabral Pro told TV.

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