Bye-Bye Bazinga! How Kaley Cuoco prepares for life after major theories

adminNovember 30, 2018

It has been a big year for Kaley Cuoco.

In 2018 she entered a new chapter, married Karl Cook after being engaged on her birthday last year. And the couple still seems to be basking in their newly married happiness.

"Kaley and Karl are super happy still, they love each other and love to be married," said a source near Cuoco E! News. "He's not home much even though he works remotely four or five days a week, so her weekends are mostly devoted to spending time with him."

But Cuoco also says goodbye to a large part of her life after 11 years: Big Bang theory, the beloved sitcom who has made her one of the highest paid actresses on television, comes to an end. But life must continue after the final bazinga has been said, and Cuoco is preparing for it – both professionally and personally.

The star, which is 33 today, has recently reflected this

Knowing that they do not have to trust each other makes Cook and Cuoco appreciate each other more. "I do not need Karl for anything. If Karl left me tomorrow, that would be great," says the 32-year-old actor. "And he knows, and he'll be fine too."

Cuoco began to dance Cook in 2016 after she tied to the professional rider over their mutual love for horses when they met – where else? – at a horse show

Kaley Cuoco, Karl Cook, EBMRF

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Ridhester "changed my life for so many reasons," Cuoco, who now owns nine horses, told Women's health earlier this year. Of course, one of the reasons that led her to her "soulmate," after her devastating divorce from Ryan Sweeting a year before.

"I finally found the horse my guy. I know. It was supposed to be," she said The conversation in 2017.

After this heartbeat from her divorce with Sweeting, an insider near Kaley called her relationship to Cook the "best" she has ever been in.

"After her marriage and other previous relationships, this definitely stands out as being different," said the insider E! News. "She loves her sense of humor and feels he brings out the best in her. She trusts him all the time and after she got burned in the past, she appreciates how real he is. They are in the long run, but she does not. "I do not know what the future has. They are completely in love and happy together. "

And that future held a surprise proposal that happened to her 32nd birthday last year and was soon given viral given Cuoco's mottled acceptance.

Seven months later, Cuoco and Cook said "I do" in a summertime ceremony in San Diego (in their horse farm, of course) in front of their closest family and friends. She had a custom Reem Acra dress that took 400 hours to make. Suitably, the ceremony took place in front of a giant horseshoe-shaped flower construction with feathers.

However, your honeymoon was a bit less sumptuous when Cuoco underwent a shoulder surgery just five days after the wedding. Cook turned out that he meant it when he promised to stay next to her "in sickness and health", even making her hair for her. (Although he had some fun, she sent a video of Instagram after surgery, saying that she sounded like "a troubled walrus" with her open mouth snoring.)

"When your honeymoon is shoulder surgery, and your husband looks as good on the way to recovery – thank you for all the love and support," she wrote at Instagram.

While she could not do usual things like tying her own shoes or making her own hair, she was back at the gym just three weeks after surgery, sling and everything.

"Keeping fit is hard and it takes work, so when you find a program that works for you, do not let it go!" She wrote on Instagram in October

Because she was an athlete who grows up, it's important for Cuoco to make time to work out and she describes her routine to Women's health.

"If I get a bit boring, I will switch to SoulCycle, which I also love. It's all or nothing." I'm hot or cold. "I'm not a gray area," she said. "So if I do yoga, we do it every day this week … then I'm like," Oh my God, I have to change. "Then I'm mad at SoulCycle …." Ok, I have to switch. "

Kaley Cuoco, Women's Health

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While the training routine often changes, Cuoco has not had the same coincidence in her career over the past decade, thanks to her plumage on Big Bang theory.

Given the crazy popularity and success of TBBT, in addition to all of Cuoco's licensing offers, it's safe to say the star is financially secure – she even ran the second place on Forbes's 2018 list of the highest paid TV actress.

But all good things must eventually come to an end, and in August, CBS announced that the highest nominal performance will end after its current season (12).

"We are always grateful to our fans for their support Big Bang theory over the past twelve seasons. We, together with cast, writers and crew, are very grateful for the show's success and aim to deliver a nice season and the final of the series, which will bring The Big Bang Theory into an epic creative presence, says the network and the producers in a statement .

And the choice to end the series "was definitely tough," Cuoco said James Corden under an appearance of Late late show. "It was not a dry eye in the room, many hysterical sobs … It's time to gladly move on to other things that are so heartbreaking. It's been a long time and we are very grateful."

So what are Cuoco's hopes for the end of the show?

"I would like to learn Penny's last name," she joked during a visit to The conversation, adding that she will at least "for the lift to be fixed."

But Cuoco became serious when he talked about how they affected her for the past 11 years, "This show is very special and it has changed my life."

So what's next for Cuoco professionally when her time as Penny officially ends?

Well, she already has her next TV concert lined up, and it's quite a big one: Meet your new Harley Quinn, as she's set to star and perform the production of the new Harley Quinn animated series for DC Universe, launched the new subscription flow platform of DC Comics.

Cuoco posted the announcement on Instagram, writing, "So excited. We've been working on this growing series for a while [sic] and can not wait for you to see it next year. It's edgy, crazy and seriously funny! Harley is back! Thank you, Pudd! "

And through its production company, Yes, Norman Productions (named after her beloved dog), Cuoco got the rights to flight attendants, a miniseries based on the book of the same name that she was ready to star in. flight attendants follows Cassandra Bowden, an airline that wakes up hanging in her hotel room with a dead body next to her. She walks by day and returns to New York. Is she killer?

Both television projects serve as part of her exclusive multi-year first title production agreement with Warner Bros. Television.

"I want this to be a big company," said Cuoco Cosmopolitan. "I will be sitting for a few years now and have so many projects going on. That's what I'm excited about."

Still, it's a dream job Cuoco has: to appear on Vanderpump Rules.

Cuoco is a big fan of the show, describing the trip to Tom Tom, Lisa Vanderpumps newest West Hollywood restaurant opened her with stars Tom Sandoval and Tom Schwartz, which occurred while the Bravo reality series was filmed – much to Cuoco's pleasure.

Kaley Cuoco


"I love her, I love reality TV. I and my friends had dinner at Tom Tom recently and we had made the reservation months in advance," she shared on The conversation. "I was on my way, and I phoned the manager apologize, saying they shoot and Lisa will move my reservation to one of her other restaurants. I said," No, it's good we will go, we'll see we will be there. & # 39; "

She continued: "So we get there and they shoot, I do not believe we [me and my girlfriends] said one word to each other, we watched everything go down. Then Lisa goes up and she was so valuable … I said, "Lisa, we're in heaven right now, this is like the biggest thing ever." "

When asked if it meant she could appear on the show, Cuoco said, "One can only hope!"

Apart from her upcoming TV series, her second project may be her biggest one: morhood.

A source near Cuoco told us that the timing could be just afterwards Big Bang theory Officially ending in May for the star and cook to become parents.

"Kaley would love to have children, but she will probably wait until after this last season of Big Bang theory and when it starts, start trying to get babies, says the insider. "Her next project is just a voiceover concert, so it's a good time for her once BBT wraps! "

In an interview with Entertainment tonight, Cuoco discussed having kids with Cook, saying it was in their future.

"I'm not quite there yet, but I know I want to be because I love children. But I'm a worker bee right now … kind of career is my focus and my husband," she said. "But we love children and we love animals, so we're supposed to have children."

No matter what comes next for Cuoco as she leads into this exciting next chapter of life, she meets with confidence initially first and foremost.

"I like to know that I am [financially] sat because I've taken it on myself to do it, she said Women's health. "I like to tell my friends," Always make sure you have your life and that you are No. 1, so anyone who comes into it man or girlfriend or girlfriend, but you roll-it's just an extra bonus to something you already make. & # 39; "

She continued to say that being together is a choice for both of them and they are not financially dependent on each other. "I do not need Karl for anything. If Karl left me tomorrow, that would be great," she said, "and he knows, and he would be fine too."

Of course, people immediately misunderstood what she meant and led her to call Ryan Seacrest to clarify her comments on his morning radio show.

"I had to ring because it's so funny that a quote you're talking about has been taken out of context and just because yes, I would be very upset if my husband left me," she said. "With that said, I believe in this climate and age women need to know that they are okay alone and they can be stable without anyone else."

She continued to say that she is a great place in her life, something that should be celebrated, whether married or single.

"I feel like I'm a new person now and I can be alone," she said. "Yes, I would be ruined if my husband left me, but at the same time I know I would be ok, and that was what I was trying to say."

We hear you loudly and clearly.

And the couple worked happier than ever when they celebrated their birthday earlier in the week at the happiest place on earth: Disneyland, an annual tradition of Cuoco and Cook.

"Same place, same posi, same love, a year later," she wrote a picture of the couple, "how has it happened so much since then? Thank you for marrying me, @mrtankcook."

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