Dan Dotson, the familiar face of the A & E reality show "Storage Wars," was at a charity event in Indio on November 1 when a quiet woman approached him.

She had a story to tell the auctioneer.

Her friend bought a Dotson storage unit the previous month in Southern California, and found that within that shed there was $ 7.5 million in cash. It was a surprise for the buyer and the auctioneer.

"It was an incredible story," Dotson told The Desert Sun when he recalled the exchange. "She said: I have to tell you this story, my husband works for a guy who bought you a unit and there was a safe there."

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Dotson tried to listen to the woman during the event: the Cars, Stars and Rock & # 39; N Roll charity auction in Indio, the city known for hosting the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival.

But he reached the top of the story: "She says, there was a safe in the unit, the first guy could not open it, so they called a second guy and there was $ 7.5 million," and I say " $ 7.5 million? "And she says" Cash. "

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Dotson refused to share the name of the woman, the city in which the unit was sold or the name of the new owner of the unit, alleging privacy and security issues. That auction was not recorded for the popular series A & E.

Dotson said that when the original owners of the storage unit discovered that their storage locker had been sold, they had their lawyer contact the new owner to negotiate an agreement to claim the money. The lawyer originally offered $ 600,000 of the $ 7.5 million to the new owner of the unit, but they finally agreed to keep $ 1.2 million and return the rest.

Dotson and his wife Laura told the story in a YouTube video they published on November 7. In the video, Laura Dotson asks viewers what they would have done with the money.

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"I would feel very worried," he said. "I feel it would not be clean money."

Laura Dotson goes on to say that the history of a storage unit is sometimes a mystery: sometimes the owner walks away, forgets to continue paying rent, ends up in jail or even dies.

"Who knows, but this happens all the time and it is today's treasure hunt," he said.

While Dan and Laura Dotson are known as prominent auctioneers in "Storage Wars," this sale was just a routine sale through their Calimesa-based American Auctioneers in California.

But Dan Dotson said he will tell this story for the next 20 years. While their work has led buyers to find many great treasures, no unit has found so much cash in their experience.

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