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adminDecember 29, 2018

Liebesgerücht: Is Franziska Wiese Florian Sil ready for her new love?

His new love is brunette: Franziska Wiese

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The excitement of all pop fans in the world continues. We remember: shortly before Christmas, Starpärchen by folk music Helen Fischer and Florian Silbereisen published their separation. It was soon known that Helene Fischer has already overcome her lovesickness. On Facebook, she wrote publicly that she was happy again. Nobody should be less than her long-standing background dances and acrobat Thomas Seitel. After announcing the Fischer-Silbereisen separation, the acrobat has blocked Facebook and Instagram. His official website is also private. (Read more here)

After the annual Helene Fischer show on December 25, there were also some jokes on the pop star Florian Silbereisen, and he had to once again treat rumors of his alleged homosexuality, even the coldest heart began to get bored with the folk musician – so around Christmas and with whole medial slaughter.

Florian Silbereisen: Is this his new girlfriend?

But now everything but expectations come. Also Silbereis should have forgiven his heart again – and without stranger: Franziska Wiese, the new new star in the world, Florian Silbereisen has taken by storm. More in the video:

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