BTS: The K-Pop band celebrated V like this on their birthday! K-Pop | Lights | music

adminDecember 30, 2018

The most commented topics this Saturday in Twitter turned around an event: the birthday of V, one of the members of BTS. Born on December 30 in South Korea, the young idol was 23 years old and his fans and colleagues did not miss the date.

V-fans have been eager to congratulate him and in Twitter Several campaigns have been created to show their gratitude, especially the army BTS, manages to be a trend.

it Twitter official for BTS He shared a photo for his day and pointed out that he is the "handsome boy in the world".

Some of the members also shared messages with V in their day. Jimin tweeted a fun greeting

"Our Taehyung, congratulations on the day, you also worked hard this year, I want to upload a shameful picture of you, but if I do it hahahahaha, it seems you don't want to see me again, so hahahaha, Hyung lover you very much, "he wrote Twitter the charismatic artist

Jung Ho-seok, better known as J-Hope, also wanted him a good birthday.

It should be noted that after a successful year for BTS, the group will celebrate New Year in "2018 MBC Gayo Daejejun".

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