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BTS offered "sincere apologies" for a hat with the Nazi symbol, as seen in the photo shoot of the group's magazine. Here's how the K-Pop group explained that the motive "was not intentional in any way".

K-pop group BTS is receiving heat, again, by the Nazi symbol seen in a photo shoot of a magazine that a Reddit thread originally attacked in 2017. The Simon Wiesenthal Center revived criticism after issuing a statement condemning several members for "wearing hats with the Nazi Death Head SS logo "on November 11. It was a symbol associated with the party that caused" the Nazi mass murder of 6 million Jews during the Holocaust of World War II, "as pointed out by the non-profit organization. Profit, including the director of Global Social Action, Rabbi Abraham Cooper, demanded an apology – and BTS delivered. The company's seven-member group, Big Hit Entertainment, clarified the terrible oversight in its official response on November 13.

"As for the use of a hat that shows a logo reminiscent of Nazi symbolism, again, as explained above, the incident was not intentional in any way," the company wrote, which was posted on its Facebook page. He then noted that "all the clothes and accessories" of the photo shoot were "provided by the publication that made the photo shoot", but still took responsibility. "We would like to offer our most sincere apologies for inadvertently inflicting pain and anguish on anyone affected by totalitarian regimes in the past by not strictly reviewing the clothing and accessories that our members used, as well as anyone they may have experienced." company continued with anguish and discomfort to witness an association of our artists with images that remember political extremism.

The apology was only a few lines between a long statement that addressed the recent BTS controversies even more. Japanese broadcaster TV Asahi did not invite the group, which had just spoken at the United Nations in September, to make a live performance on November 8 due to another insensitive article of clothing. As seen in a group episode of 2017 good trip series, From jimin The shirt showed a photograph of the mushroom cloud over Nagasaki, Japan, which was the consequence of the devastating atomic bomb that hit the city in 1945. "PATRIOTISM OUR FREEDOM OF KOREA HISTORY", reads the shirt.

Big Hit Entertainment also apologized for the uproar caused by the shirt, writing: "In all activities involving BTS and any other artist associated with our company, Big Hit does not approve any war activity or the use of atomic weapons, it is firmly against them. " "I did not intend to cause distress or pain to anyone affected by the launch of atomic weapons, and we will continue to adhere to these principles."


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