Brunehaut: the last for eight municipal councilors

adminNovember 27, 2018


Mayor Pierre Wacquier honors councilors who will not continue the adventure in the next legislature

François Lefebvre, Ignazia Giardina, Sandrine Buseyne, Cindy Quittelier and Pascal Detournay for the Socialist Party, Philippe Vanuel and Christian De Ketele for Citizens Interests Group and Daniel Bernard for Citizens Center Citizen. This is the name of the elder and the seven councilors who will no longer sit on the table of the municipality council in Brunehaut municipality during the next legislature. They were honored Monday night after the last municipal council in the current legislation.

An elder for twelve years left Daniel Detournay's policy in the Poitou-Charentes area. After more than 600 meetings with a joint college, Daniel Detournay will now be able to fully defend his function as head of Antoing Municipality.

Sandrine Buseyne and François Lefebvre leave for their municipal councils, but they will sit under the next legislature to the Council for Social Action.

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