Brown Marquezine is thrilled with Christmas gift

adminDecember 26, 2018

Brown Marquezine is thrilled with Christmas gift - Reproduction / Instagram / @ brumarquezine

Celebrating the first Christmas in her new home, next to the family, Bruna Marquezine decided to use Instagram to present one of the most special and exciting gifts she has won at this incredible and magical date of the year.

Among other things, the famous actress treated a beautiful picture, with the sunflower sign, made by no one else, but her younger sister, Luana.

"Gifts. The most beautiful that God gave me. PS: My sister painted the picture for me. A sunflower, my favorite flower. My MOA is an artist," he wrote, visibly moved, in the legend of the publication he made.

In just a few minutes in the air, such a post had already given over 500,000 sunglasses and thousands of compliments to Bruna and the whole family.

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