Brooklyn you and you are back and tropical news shirts are all we can think of

adminJanuary 11, 2019

Brooklyn Nine-Nine are back and everyone is great and fun and wonderful and everyone, but we have to talk about the Holt t-shirts.

After learning that he had not received the police commissioner job, Captain Holt (Other Braugher) fell into a deep depression that found him running to a tropical resort to drown his sorrows. Unfortunately, the same resort was Jake (Andy Samberg) and amyMelissa Fumero) had chosen their honeymoon, and luckily Holt ran so fast that he didn't even pack any clothes and let him build a whole new wardrobe from what was available in the gift shop.

It meant that Captain Holt for the whole episode was equipped with board games and shirts that said things like "What happens, beaches?" (Instead of bitches, of humor reasons.)

As everyone knows, Captain Holt hates humor, but as he says, he's a joke now to suit him. And it also suits us, who just spent the whole premiere giggling.

One shirt was just muscle, another said "DTF: Down to Fiesta", and another lime green beauty read, "1 Tequila, 2 Tequila, 3 Tequila, FLOOR !!!" Three exclamation marks included!

But the biggest gem of them all, the creamy of the crop of news shirts, was also the last. It was bright yellow and it contained a pineapple that had a hot pink tongue. And under pineapple, in hot pink letters, it just reads "END."

While Jake was confused about the importance of the shirt, Holt explained.

"Clear pineapple … is the sludge."

While, as Jake said, the shirt is both very aggressive and confusing, we need one right away.

"Yes, they were good shirts," Other Braugher agreed on a press day for the new season.

"It's our new indie band," Stephanie Beatriz joked by pineapple ends. "Others play keyboards, I play ukulele and we play shows around town. Can you imagine?" (Yes.)

Needless to say, depressed, ready to quit Holt wearing an inappropriate shirt was a side of the captain we have never seen before, and Braugher had a lot of fun with the episode.

"It was great fun exploring the depressive part of Holt because he is a little upset, you know what I mean? He is depressed for a reason and there is some sort of cascade. But you know, people you love, they are depressed in during the time you love them, so you get the chance to use all the things you know about them when they are depressed and nothing seems right, and everything seems to be hopeless, and i get a chance to spotlight these role models among all the depressive people I have ever loved, and so I thought it was great. "

Expect the pineapple shutters to play in a place near you some day now.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine airs Thursdays at 9 am on NBC.

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