Brock Lesnar: Former WWE superstar, Neville, makes a BOLD statement about the UFC legend | WWE | Sport

adminNovember 24, 2018

The British superstar abandoned the promotion of Vince McMahon last August, after almost a year since he stopped appearing on WWE TV.

The Newcastle native was the brightest star of 205 Live, as he enjoyed a dominant reign as a cruiserweight champion, but suffered a defeat by Enzo Amore at No Mercy last year.

Since then, the former NXT champion made two more appearances in RAW and was never seen again.

Neville, who now fights as PAC in the independent circuit, revealed that he left the company because he did not agree with the reserve decisions made by the administration.

However, his sudden departure did not affect his confidence, as he believes so much in his talent that he believes he could even beat Lesnar, one of the strongest and most dangerous athletes in WWE today.

According to Wrestling IncThe king of cruise weights held a question and answer session on his personal Instagram page and liked his chances in a possible match against The Beast.

He said that when they asked him if he could beat El Conquistador: "Yes, if he can make his lazy be **".

Lesnar has been fighting part-time with WWE since his return to the McMahon promotion in 2012.

The UFC legend continued the same schedule even after he won the WWE and the Universal Championship.

The former UFC heavyweight champion recently became the first universal champion twice in WWE Crown Jewel, where he defeated Braun Strowman and still makes sporadic appearances.

Fans have been frustrated with the 41-year-old's part-time contract, as they have never seen the main title of RAW.

Lesnar has been linked to a comeback to the UFC sometime next year and could face Daniel Cormier for the heavyweight championship.

Cormier seems to be willing to fight against the six-time world champion and even urged him to take Universal's title to the octagon so that he too can win that.

The two division champion said: "Brock Lesnar, when you come, bring that new WWE title.

"I want to become a WWE champion too.

"Bring that belt with you if you come to my house."

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