Brigitte Bardot, Franck Dubosc, Patrick Sébastien … these people who support (or not) the yellow beings

adminNovember 28, 2018

SOLIDAIRES – Brigitte Bardot, on the other hand, shows her support for yellow vests on Wednesday, puts a picture of her wearing the famous garment. Before her, other personalities like Franck Dubosc and Patrick Sébastien took the ground for the protest movement. Sincere or opportunistic movements of solidarity?

Last year, Cyril Hanouna offered to be their spokesman, a support that was far from unanimous. Since then, the Yellow West has received support from several personalities. Last increase in date, and not least: one of Brigitte Bardot, who without hesitation shows his solidarity this Wednesday.

"With you!", Just wrote the actor "Despicable" in the image of an image that showed her thumbs up, dressed in the famous outfit next to his white 4L, in a message posted on his Twitter account.

The day before, Franck Dubosc spoke directly to the Yellow West, also via Facebook.

"Message to Yellow West and to all of you suffering, we must be with you, we favor them, we must find something," wrote the humorist before he suggested that he will try to mobilize other personalities: "I'm talking to friends."

"Every creature has its dignity, and it's a real break more than social. It's elitist today," said CNews Patrick Sebastian on Wednesday morning, claiming to adhere to these people, calling to respect and evaluate yellow bees, not to sweep them offhand.

For them, another comedian, Arnaud Ducret, had also sent a message marked. "I support you yellow vests, we are tired of wearing pigs," he said in this video, announcing that he could not attend a festival organized on the island of Reunion just because the movement is raging there.

But he is not the only one who has publicly taken the cause of the demonstrators' minds. Rapper Kaaris has not hesitated to put on his social network with a matching yellow vest … a little Vuitton bag and a flourishing message ("Agent Sir, I push you the triangle …).

For their part, Toulouse of Bigflo & Oli was blocked on the way by protesters, and to pass the directions and to go to the concert, they published a self-esteem with them. Support is true limited in their case.

Are the personality that appears so sincere or are they seeking to favor a popular movement? Christophe Beaugrand asks the question in his video chronicle in the morning of LCI that you find in the head of this article. For now, the list of people who have openly criticized the Yellow West, thin: ex-adventurer of Koh Lanta Moundir has defeated the movement by condemning the racist comments of some of its members. But he has since deleted his publication.

Actor and director Mathieu Kassovitz also removed himself from the protest movement by answering a tweet that was surprised by the absence of artists in his ranger: "We may not agree with your requirements."

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