Brigitte Bardot, Franck Dubosc, Kaaris … These celebrities who sponsor the "yellow bees"

adminNovember 28, 2018

After rapper and comedian, the actor contempt has shown its support for the citizens' movement by laying on a social network a cliché where it appears with their dogs retro-reflective clothing on the backside. The 84-year-old actress joins the fun carnival of these media perspectives as donned west.

"It's yellow, it's ugly, it's wrong with something, but it can save your life." Ten years before the civil movement Karl Lagerfeld had seen the "yellow bees" come. Clairvoyant and elegant, the designer had donned the reflective garment for an advertisement for road safety.

Today, do not dissuade him, it's more to save lives as we carry the yellow west, but to claim headache especially in light of the tax burden and rising fuel prices. First, the sport of dissatisfied drivers, it was seen at the back of a number of celebrities with a varied profile. From rapper Kaaris, Boobas favorite rival, to Arnaud Ducret, an overview of media personalities who have joined this fun carnival.

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On Wednesday, Brigitte Bardot broke the clothes of anger. On her Twitter account, actress shared a picture where we see her on the west, accompanied by the message "With you!". In the picture, one of his two dogs, poor animals also carries the symbol of some of the French wrath.

The 84-year-old actress joins Franck Dubosc. In a message sent on Facebook on Tuesday, the comic borrowed its support for the movement. "Message to the yellow bees and to all of you who suffer," he shared. We must be with you, we favor them. We have to find something. I'm talking to friends. "

On November 17, the day of the first rally, it was rapper Kaaris who sent a snapshot of him on Instagram wearing the famous West. The image was accompanied by a message (by barking?) Undoubtedly.

On Saturday, during the second mobilization of Yellow West, Arnaud Ducret also showed solidarity with the protesters. After having canceled his visit to Reunion Island due to blockages, the comedian sent a video on Facebook that specified his thoughts. "I could not come, I knew it that morning, we know why … But I, I support you the yellow creatures. I'm with you. Whether it's Dom-Tom, the metropolis, we're all in the same city: We are tired of wearing pigs, "he said in a message that was shared on the social network.

A guest at CNews Wednesday, Patrick Sebastian, was friendly without the need for membership in yellow vests. "I'm a badger, a messhole that spins towels. Why? Because I'm partying with these people," said the former host of France Télévisions, referring to our citizens, the "we must consider."

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