Bride to be criticized for giving friends a detailed bill after the party: report

adminOctober 18, 2018

An unidentified woman went on social media on Wednesday to ruin her future girlfriend by sending her a breakdown of the recent Hen Do bill, which could be considered a British version of a bachelorette party.

One of the detailed entries included 24 cents for a soda.

The detailed bill for the party indicated the total cost of food, gifts and decoration, dividing the cost of each one by seven: the number of people who attended the party, the Sun reported. The future brides even mentioned the cost per guest of the napkins and the M & M, 71 cents and 43 cents, respectively.

According to the report, alcohol and pizza were the most expensive party items, costing $ 3.23 and $ 11.74 for each guest, respectively. The woman said that although the guests were asked to bring their own alcohol, they ended up paying for the alcohol that the future brides brought.

Other items on the list include lemonade (36 cents), popcorn (28 cents) and cotton candy ($ 1.42).

The woman called the future wife "crazy" for sending a bill of this type, according to the Sun.

"I'm sorry, but if you take the time to divide the cost of a honeymoon by 7, you're crazy," the woman said. "The party was not even fun bc [because] She was trying to make the photo a perfect party and it seemed unnatural and more like a business transaction. "

Commenters responded harshly to the bill, calling it "vulgar" and not very reasonable, according to the Sun.

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