Bride candidate Hanife told the inside of the program

adminDecember 28, 2018

Hanife Gurdal announced his name with the marriage programs, participated in the magazine program in the marriage name for money and pocket money as a 2-3,000 TL period in the recording process.

Hanife Gürdal, who has become acquainted with the marriage programs she participated in, has been a guest of "Page 2" with "Müge and Gülşen & # 39; program sent by Channel D displays. Explaining the events experienced in marriage programs, Gürdal announced how much he achieved from the competition.

"Monthly will win 2-3 thousand TL"

After leaving the marriage program, Hanife began working as a pump at a gas station and made a striking statement on live broadcast. Hanife, a house held in the process itself, pocketed as a monthly 2-3,000 TL earned, he said.


Behind the scenes in the marriage programs Gürdal, a friend in the racing car and dowry-goods in exchange for divorce, and then married, he added.


"I stayed in the competition for two years, I went to Izmir, I was always recalled after the threat or otherwise. He said.

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