Breast implants of Sibylle Rauch have burst!

adminJanuary 10, 2019

On Friday, Sibylle Rauch can be seen in the jungle ring. It would almost have come to that, a few weeks ago, the 58-year-old had to undergo an emergency operation.

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Sibylle Rauch had to be operated for three hours because her right breast implant had ruptured. As a result, silicone came into the tissue and became inflamed. The left implant finally caused problems. The Popsicle star explains "Image": "I had terrible chest pain and therefore went to see my doctor and he saved my life!"

This statement is not exaggerated because it actually existed danger to life. Sibylle Rauch's plastic surgeon Harald Beck continues to tell the newspaper: "We have removed the old implants and the flushed silicone and replaced them with new implants, so if silicon is eating in the tissue, you cannot get it out and you can only amputate the breast."

But it can get worse as the doctor confirms. "And when silicone enters the blood, cardiac arrest threatens," says Wiener. Fortunately, Sibylle Rauch was not so lucky. She's fine again – with new implants.

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