Bre Payton: Moderator dies with 26 years of flu

adminDecember 29, 2018

US presenter Bre Payton is dead. The conservative author was only 26 years old. As the British BBC reports, Payton died at a hospital in San Diego, California. Consequently, the doctors of the presenter had diagnosed meningitis and swine flu just before her death.

Payton regularly appeared as guest commentary on Fox News and wrote for the conservative news site The Federalist. On Thursday, she was found unconscious by her friend Morgan Murtaugh. As Murtaugh confirmed on her Twitter account, Payton died unexpectedly in the hospital one day later.

"Bre Payton, our dear colleague, died after a sudden illness on Friday," said a statement in The Federalist online magazine. "Bre has enlightened the lives of everyone around her," it continues. The young woman was cheerful, compassionate and diligent.

Payton was "The Federalist" according to the editorial staff since 2015. She was also a guest on the BBC and CNN. Most recently, she has criticized the media coverage of Melania Trump in a Fox News look. This is "sexist and hypocritical". Payton also condemned the coverage of what she called "fake news media" for US President Donald Trump.

Meghan McCain, the daughter of late US senator John McCain, congratulated Payton's family in a tweet. "We are horrified by this news, Bre was a wonderful, fearless, lively, intelligent young woman. In this darkness, our prayers go to family and friends," said the post.

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