Brazen Recapitulation: Season 9, Episode 7

adminOctober 22, 2018

Welcome to the post-Ian Gallagher world.

"Down Like The Titanic" on Sunday served as Shameless end of season (the successful series will return in January) and the first episode since the most significant game of the program to date (the imminent departure of Emmy Rossum will take that distinction). While he felt the absence of Cameron Monaghan, Shameless He was still as shameless as ever, between Frank pretending to be a psychiatrist while he was sexually pleased and Debbie taking the last revenge on behalf of her older sister.

So grab a beer, rescue your brother from prison and find out how shameless your favorite Gallagher was this week. (For more Shameless, read our interview with executive producer John Wells about the end of the middle season and the departures of Cameron Monaghan and Emmy Rossum.)

1. Ford

Good trip, a hole.

2. Fiona

"Descending like the Titanic" is how Fiona describes her current state. If I'm honest, I feel that his initial reaction to his financial situation in the last episode was a bit drastic. Like, just say you do not have the extra $ 25,000 instead of burning your life. But then, when Ford's drama was revealed, I understood how that extra emotional punch would send it spiraling, and that's how we found it here. His harsh days are evident from his first appearance in which he fainted from the toilet, bloodied and ignored the incoming calls, and only gets worse when he realizes he had not taken Ian to jail. "I'm such a good piece of … I forgot that my own brother was going to jail," he yells.

With her increasing problems, Fiona decides to put her building on sale, and when Max arrives and finally finds out about her money problems, she offers to buy it for the exact amount she owes and will pay the 25K for her investment, but with interest . "You're pretty, but I'm not a charity," he says minutes after saying he's not as bad a kid as she thinks. She makes the deal, leaving behind her building and her dog. Celebrate with a hat "F- You Very Much", trying different vodkas in the grocery store, organizing a welcome party at home and not cooking meat properly (more like, what is not for dinner, right?). Her drunken, one-woman party is interrupted by Debbie's masterful revenge plan and, at least temporarily, Fiona seems happy, enjoying the glory of shooting Ford's ass with paintballs during her public embarrassment. I said it temporarily because the mid-credits scene has got Fiona drunk in Gallagher's backyard, talking to herself, yelling at neighbors and declaring herself a mermaid. It should be an interesting the last seven episodes for Fiona.

3. Frank

Meanwhile, Frank is dealing with his own woman in a spiral. Patriarch Gallagher has apparently moved in with Ingrid (Katey Sagal) and they are in the indoor sledding stage of their relationship. And Frank is not just a boyfriend who stays at home, he goes to the office with her and hides under his desk and pleases her during one of his sessions. It does not stop there, since they change roles and Frank plays at shrinking and she pleases him during a session in which he inadvertently helps the patient. If it was not yet evident, Ingrid is not taking her medication, what her ex-husband, Randy, continues to warn, will mean problems. And it does when Ingrid begins to suffer a crisis, which leads Frank to leave and to Randy to give him some medicines. Randy is pleasantly surprised when Frank returns; They chat while they drink and Frank convinces Randy to go live his life. Wait, is it too late for Frank to become a therapist?

4. Debbie

And the Sister of the Year award goes to … Debbie Gallagher. After finding Fiona in her fragile state, Debbie decides to take revenge from her older sister, recruiting Farhad and Alex to help completely humiliate Ford. And when it comes to kidnapping a boy, putting him and his naked butt on display, and marking it as a "hole", I'm not sure it becomes more humiliating than that.

5. Ian

The Gallaghers found it sweet that Ian left behind an alarm that was set to ring at 2 a.m. with his picture on it. He seemed very inconsiderate and worthy of serving other months in his sentence.

6. lip

Look who has a new woman in your life! A few weeks after Xan returned with his mother, Lip meets with Tammy, the drunken maid of honor with whom she clumsily engaged in Brad's wedding. Well, her last meeting was not so good, but suddenly she wants to accept his offer of an appointment. And your type of appointment is apparently a very brief meal in a taco truck and hours of classified sex in a very small car.

7. Kev and V

He took a little conviction, and pretended to be dead so that someone could not pick up his old baby things, but Kevin gets V to accept having another child. And, fortunately, a trio with V's mother will not be required this time, as they decide the adoption.

8. carl

How fast Carl has forgotten his wife, possibly dead, Kassidi. But, the credit where the credit is owed, Kelly is a good influence for Carl. I mean, who would have imagined that this boy would spend his summer studies hoping to enter Westpoint? Y much to study on that considering that he thinks that former president Grover Cleveland is of Sesame Street.

9. Liam

The school is over and Liam has already found a well-paid summer job. Between this and helping Fiona with her investments, the boy has proven to be an intelligent businessman. It may be the Gallagher family's best and last hope for financial success.

What did you finish thinking about the episode? Did you miss Ian? Let us know in the comments below.

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