"Bravo, you have style," January 9th. SOC Appearance. Raluca Bădulescu: What did you do? – update 4

adminJanuary 9, 2019

"Bravo, ai style" continues Wednesday night with a new edition.

BRAVO, AI STIL, January 9, 2019. In tonight's "Bravo, ai style" show, sent at 22:30 on Channel D, Valeria's bold appearance will be surprised. Raluca Bădulescu remains surprised after the competition. "What have you done, little girl? Where did you go to this? You're divine!" Says Raluca Bădulescu.

BRAVO, AI STIL, January 9, 2019. The line of compliments to Valeria's clothing does not matter, so the look of the girl impresses the jury members.

BRAVO, AI STIL, January 9, 2019. Tonight at 10:30 pm, "Bravo, you have style!" You will be able to find out the outcome of an early control of Catalin Botezatu, but also other details about Valeria's clothing.

Update 4: Alexandra burst into tears in front of Catalin Botezatu. She said she felt attacked by her colleagues. "It is natural for them to attack you from the view of clothing and it is natural to attack from other views. You have to get used to it. You are like in a stylish jungle where you have to be the lion or the lion and to bite first "Still stylistic," says Catalin Botezatu, trying to calm her down.

"If this is theater, I'll give you an Oscar! I love you," Christina Ich told her.

Update 3: Alina wanted to create an unpredictable attitude to impress the jury members. The result was also unpredictable. "I don't like today's clothes today. Your talk: You're ugly cooked! You're so beautiful and you have an amazing smile. Why do you like to change your mind? But you're beautiful, take out your beauty," Christina said. Ich her.

Update 2: Corina shocked with the revelation she did. "I have to give information! I have two children! I have two children, namely two cats. They are black like me, I found them on the street. More and Rihanna are my cats. And the story is that I should throw them," said Corina .

Update 1: Cristina Mihaela made the big ad on "Bravo, you have style!". She marries in the summer with her boyfriend with whom she has a five-year relationship.

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